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Boston born and bred, Mom to three fur-babies and lover of all things wedding gowns...


 Hi!  I'm Christine and I have a confession.  My favorite part of any wedding is not the reception.  My favorite part has always been watching the expression on everyone's faces the very first time they see the bride.   I am Team Ceremony all the way.  Seeing a bride emerge at the top of the aisle gives me goosebumps.  I love it all...the gowns, the hair, the flowers, the excitement and anticipation.   Even before I started working in the wedding industry, I can remember in the early 90's buying a copy of Bride's Magazine and devouring it from cover to cover while taking the T into work.  I'm not sure where this passion came from because I am not a girly girly in any shape or form. But I love Wedding Dresses! 

When I decided to go back to school in 2000, I took a part-time job working at Precious Memories Bridal in Malden. Little did I know my life's journey would change.  I fell in love with wedding gowns and found my passion working with brides.  I was fortunate enough to be able to work at a variety of bridal salons over the years including Yolanda's, Priscilla of Boston, and Madeleine's Daughter.  After working over 15 years in the industry, I moved into Event Management where I was in charge of overseeing the wedding ceremony and reception.  It was a lot of fun and hard work but decided that I really only loved the part of the job that included working with the bridal party.  That is when I decided to dedicate myself to working exclusively for brides as a Bridal Dresser and On-site Steamer on the wedding day.  

In addition to working with brides, I've had the great pleasure to collaborate on quite a few Styled Fashion Shoots.  At these shoots,  I've steamed wedding gowns and other fashion attire and dressed the models.  Acting as a Production Assistant, I've helped with setting up the shots and making sure the models looked perfect for the photographers.

Every bride is unique and each want to look drop dead gorgeous on their wedding day but also want it stress free.  Having me as your Bridal Dresser and/or                On-site Steamer can make both of these things happen!




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Table Arrangement

A little bit more about me

I Love...

80's Hair Bands, My Fur-kids and Travelling

I've seen Def Leppard in concert over 35 times and I've driven to Florida by myself roundtrip 5 times.

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