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Do I really need a Bridal Dresser or Professional Steamer on my wedding day?

The short answer is maybe not but wouldn't it be nice to have someone in charge of making sure everything goes smoothly and ensures all aspects of your bridal fashion look perfectly? I mean, it is the most important day of your life from a fashion perspective.

Day Of The Wedding
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Day of Dressing Service

My Day of Dressing Service focuses on the bride and her needs the hours leading up to the ceremony.  I know first hand how exciting this time can be but still very stressful.  

I like to arrive 30 minutes before I'm scheduled to set up and get everything ready.  After introductions and hugs are made, I like to start steaming right away.  This usually happens when the bridal party is getting their hair and makeup done.  Typically can take up to 2 hours to steam the bridal ensemble and 15-30 minutes per Bridesmaid/MOB/MOG and FG dresses. Suits and Tuxes can take up 30 minutes each depending on if I hand press the shirt and pants (depending on how wrinkled).

After the steaming is done, I can now concentrate solely on helping the bride.  Whether you'll need me to pick up and feed your crew, top off champagne glasses and clean up the mess afterwards, I'm there.

Once the Photographer arrives, I'll help stage the dress for pictures and 90 minutes before the ceremony, help get everyone dressed, starting with the Bridal Party.

If no first looks or Pre-ceremony pictures are taken, I'll shadow the bride to her ceremony location and make sure her gown and veil are picture perfect for her walk down the aisle.

Pictures will follow and I'll be with you the whole time to assist the photographer, make sure your hair and makeup is perfect and help move things along.

Lastly, I'll bustle your train before being announced to your guests at your reception.

On-site Steaming Service

What happens if you find yourself having to travel a long distance to your wedding site and you are worrying about wrinkles on your wedding day? 

When I worked as a Bridal Consultant, I would get  many phone calls from travelling brides asking if they could get their gown steamed.  We unfortunately told them we couldn't do it because the salon was just too busy with their own gowns and did not have the time to steam a dress not purchased at that salon.

So who is going to steam your gown?  You may have two options.  Option one is to go to some random dry cleaner and hope they do a good job.   Option two is to buy a garment steamer and ask someone steam it for

you.  Your best option is to trust someone with over 20 years of experience.  I will travel to you to steam your bridal attire. Whether it is your wedding gown and veil, bridesmaid's dresses, Mother of the Bride dress or a wrinkled suit or tux, I can steam or hand press them all.  No worrying about packing your steamed gown into the back of your car and risking it getting wrinkled all over again.


  You can opt to have the steaming done the night before or the morning of the wedding.  I'm flexible and will work with you whenever possible.  

I will travel with my equipment ready to steam anywhere in the New England area or longer distances depending on location.

Please allow at least 4 weeks in advance to book this service but it's never too early to guarantee a spot.

Private Parties

Facts, Questions and Answers...

Corporate Events

Will you help not only me get dressed but what about my bridesmaid, mother, flowergirl, etc....?  What about helping my groomsmen?


Absolutely!  It is part of the "Day of Wedding" service that I provide for the Bride.  Whatever you need, I'll hopefully be able to provide it in my "bag of tricks" I keep on hand.


If your groomsmen need help with pinning their boutonniere's or tying their bow ties, I can help.  I always have a few pairs of spare socks if someone forgot theirs and have a lint roller on hand at all times.

If you have an extra large bridal party, an Assistant may be necessary to help me be two places at once.


What if I only want my Mother or MOH to assist me in dressing?  I want those special pictures taken with the photographer. 

 I completely understand and will honor any wishes that you may have.  I can be as hands on as you'd like.  Think of me as your "Lady in Waiting" on the sidelines and can step in and help whenever you need it.

Can I book you to steam my gown without having the Day of  Dressing service?  And if so, will you travel to me?

On-site Steaming Services are absolutely available without having to  book the full package.  If I need to travel to you, any mileage or travel fees will be added.  I love a good road trip and will travel all over New England if I am available.  

If I happen to be booked on a day you need service, I can travel to you a day or two earlier to steam your wedding attire.  As long as I am steaming at the location you are getting dressed, it can be done days ahead of the wedding.

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